Apparently I have been asked… or tricked… or something into doing a more public blog. Maybe I was even asked nicely, but hey whatever makes people happy.

I guess I need to do an introduction of the things you might find along this blog.

In all likelihood, you are going to hear some things about being LGBT since I am two of those letters. I’ll let you figure out which two they are. One of your hints is that I am both a mother and a father so hopefully you are able to figure out that one.

I’m also a newly minted Jew so Judaism is a likely topic. I am very proud of the fact I finally earned my stripes and am now “officially” Jewish. I am in one synagogue and trying to get into another. The second synagogue is because I absolutely ADORE one of the rabbis. ADORE. Ok I also like their Rock Shabbat thing they do about once a month. Ironically, I am former clergy for a different religion. Still hold my ordination.

You are also going to hear about what I adore. I adore smart men. In general, if I am lusting over someone you are not going to see that here mostly because it is public.

You might hear about my relationships, I am somehow single never married, married, separated, and divorced all at the same time depending on religious law, state law, and federal law. Ask me about that one! My current relationship I have been with for 14 years.

Disability stuff: I suffer from crippling anxiety, phobias, epilepsy, and autism. It is what it is. I also used to be legally blind.

I am a Renaissance man both literally and figuratively (medieval reenactment plus actually having degrees all over the spectrum from science to art).

Things you are less likely to see here

Politics. Quite frankly, I vote but I hate both major parties and rarely have a strong preference for one over the other. I am registered as a libertarian. I vote that way for everything but president, generally. After being a Florida voter in the 2000 election, I can’t vote third party for president anymore.


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