Why I prefer Craigslist to Freecycle

Why I prefer Craigslist to Freecycle

As someone who often works and lives off barter and who offers more than I should to various charities etc, it is not a surprise that I use Craigslist and Freecycle both to get things I need as well as to rehome things I don’t need.

I have noticed there is a big difference as to the behavior of people on Craigslist vs those on Freecycle. While it makes little difference where I get my stuff or who I give my stuff to, the attitudes however make me have a very specific preference.

1. No geographical limitations.

At least not really. It’s main cities only. Not divided up into microcosms where if you don’t live within 5 miles of specific area codes you cannot join even if you work in the area (I’m looking at you Atlanta ITP who rejected me for living a few miles outside the perimeter even though I have jobs INSIDE the perimeter which they said was ok). There are times when I really want to create a Freecycle group that is just within a 5 mile radius of my house. Of course there would be almost no members.

2. People actually show up when they are supposed to.

At least in my experience. I have only had ONE person from CL not show up. When someone from Freecycle actually shows up I am astounded. It seems people are more likely to take advantage of locals.

3. No absent or delayed or asshat moderators, your post goes live quickly without trouble

The group that is supposed to be my local group has not had a post approved in about… oh… two years roughly. Why? Moderators are absent and they never had a replacement. Ok, I get it. You’re busy, but it takes seconds to appoint a new mod.

Delayed moderators. The second closest group to me has posts screened. Ok, I get that. Might be helpful. I know y’all are volunteers but really? The longest time has been 2 days, usually by that time the items have already been long since picked up. I’ve moderated dozens of lists while going to school full time, raising a family full time, and working full time, it NEVER took me days to approve a post.

Asshat moderators. I have been told to fuck off by more freecycle moderators than I can count (mostly from the Atlanta ITP group) and also has had my intelligence questioned. Not one of them has been for anything that I did. I don’t spam. I don’t offer junk and I don’t have crazy requests. All I ever ask is to be given some respect. If you give someone just a little bit of power, they go crazy. I thought we were supposed to be trying to save the planet one gift at a time, but instead it is more like trying to destroy one’s faith in humanity one person at a time.

Oh don’t worry I am sure there are more reasons for me to pick one over the other, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am however tired of all this nonsense.


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