I am back from my trip

I went to Israel and while I was hoping to do a travel blog, the wifi in the various hotels were either so poor or non-existent that it would have been nearly impossible to do.  Even the official travel blog for the trip isn’t getting put up until now that we are back.  I spent all my computer wifi trying to upload photos and youtube videos.  You can see youtube videos at my channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/melsmarsh

I will say that as light as I packed, I could have gone even lighter.  I find that to be something that is really disturbing.  Who would have figured that?  Apparently it is not uncommon to go to shul in sandals or regular clothing, so shul clothing was not needed.  I also practically just lived in two shirts, my black wool shirt and my Scottevest shirt on on top of the other.  I ended up leaving my hoodie in the car.  While I made a solar filter, I didn’t have enough time to see the eclipse.  Plus there were lots of toiletries that I didn’t end up using!  I will know this for next time.   My totals with my carry on and my Scottevest total were around 11 kg (and the vest did not count as a carry-on because I was wearing it.

The trip, for what it is worth was a pretty interesting experience.  I liked a lot of the history (we went to Masadah!), although not really any of the partying or music or movies.  I am just not that type of person.  I really enjoyed that it was pretty easy to keep kosher and even Shabbat.  Did you know the eruv basically goes down to the beach in Tel Aviv?  Seriously!  The only crappy things were in the Israeli airport where I was flat out told I was a terrorist… well that and having rocks thrown at us by Muslims.  That was always fun!


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