Cross dressing

March 28, 2014

Purim was not long ago and one of the things I love about Purim is that it is just so free.  Favourite Rabbi often does drag (and sometimes looks better than I ever did as a woman) and it is so cute.  I think he just needs an excuse to do it.

One of my gay friends who comes to the synagogue (but is Episcopalian and belongs to the church down the street) joked that if Favourite Rabbi did it more often, it would be a lifestyle.

What I have always been curious about is why is Purim affiliated with cross-dressing? Is it the costumes which as far as I know are a later add on as it is not mentioned in the book of Esther?

What is interesting to me is that we are supposed to get joy from the Torah, yet Purim is a holiday when many people don’t take Torah as seriously because we are supposed to be merry-making or making merry, depending on your point of view.

Normally I take the idea of cross-dressing for fun as insulting as it down plays the serious plight of the transsexual, but somehow Purim does not bother me nearly as much.

I still wonder why we cross-dress on Purim. While I am at it, which sex is considered cross-dressed for me?